Cyber Insecurity 

Technological innovation, especially that revolving around the online sphere, is more or less defining the 21st century. 

That being said, this innovation is not guaranteeing that the “Wild Wild West” days of online security are over, where just about any hacker could get inside your supposedly secure network and access your sensitive information—which can include your customers’ sensitive information as well, customers who would not be happy that there credit card number was sold on the dark web because your company invested in no or weak cybersecurity solutions. 

In many respects, cybersecurity threats are getting harder and harder to control and regulate on any scale, which can be seen when considering some of the biggest ransomware attacks that major companies and organizations suffered last year. 

When giants like Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods suffer multimillion dollar losses because of ragtag criminal hackers, you can be assured that midsize and small businesses that are skimping on cybersecurity are considered easy pickings among technologically-skilled criminals. 

If you are not yet convinced to partner up with a quality cybersecurity company, then check out the following seven reasons why you should. 

Discovering Current Weaknesses

It is scary to think about, but even companies with in-house IT services likely have plenty of vulnerabilities that a criminal hacker can take advantage of. 

An outsourced cybersecurity company can employ a team that conducts an appraisal of your current security situation, and identify any existing vulnerabilities. 

Boost Technological Literacy Among Employees

Sometimes, ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity breaches do not occur because of a sophisticated hacking frenzy, but rather the manipulation of an employee, or even business owner, who may be susceptible to emails containing virus-infected links and other cybersecurity threats. 

A cybersecurity company will work with you and your employees to keep up to date with the ever-evolving threats to your digital security, so that you will stay up to date on how to best protect you, your employees, and your customers. 

State-of-the-Art Technology and Techniques

Every successful cybersecurity company is successful because it manages to stay up to date on the latest technology and techniques that will best protect your company. 

For example, predictive analytics solutions powered by artificial intelligence can help companies detect threats before they even occur, or early in the process, by analyzing common signs such as unusual website traffic. 

Around-the-Clock Care

Most cybersecurity companies work around the clock, through a combination of human and AI solutions that ensure a constant and consistently high-quality monitoring of your network and its activity. 

Reduced Cost

Yes, outsourcing your IT solutions can actually end up saving you money. 

For one, you do not need to worry about training any in-house IT staff, or account for any turnover in that department. A cybersecurity partner will not walk out on you, which is a bonus considering you save on overhead costs like the aforementioned employee training. 

Quick Response Rates

In addition to 24/7 monitoring, a cybersecurity company will also launch a counterattack against any sudden threats, offering solutions and recommended actions immediately. 

Compliance with Government Regulations

If you thought taking the cheap route to cybersecurity will end up saving you money, think again. Governments all around the globe have drawn up cybersecurity regulations for companies, in the interest of keeping customers’ data protected. Failure to comply can result in fines that will be far more costly than hiring a cybersecurity partner. 

That partner will be a good investment, for cybersecurity experts stay in business by keeping up-to-date on government regulations, and will ensure that you are meeting the required standards. 

Cybersecurity Solutions

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