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A Smarter Phone Actually Makes a Difference

ShoreTel systems are designed to help make business smarter through reliable, easy-to-use systems that turbo charge productivity and customer satisfaction. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) networks help reduce operational costs as they are often software-based, which is easier to alter and maintain than hardware. ShoreTel’s award-winning systems are easy to use, simple to manage, incredibly flexible, and reliable. In fact, they are so smart, they practically manage themselves. Imagine a phone system that actually anticipates your needs and fits seamlessly into your communications infrastructure. That is ShoreTel technology.
ShoreTel’s constant innovation has led to numerous industry firsts. At the core of this innovation is ShoreTel’s distributed systems architecture and intuitive user interface, which facilitates ease-of-use across your IP network. This unique architecture sets the standard for reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Voice services are distributed and shared across a multi-site enterprise, while new users may be added instantly. ShoreTel switches can be deployed when and where you need them – anywhere on the IP network.